About the Designer

Owner, founder, designer, and CEO of Haus of FINZAK


“To truly make an impact on the world, you must not be afraid to create change” -Haley Findlay

Haley Findlay has been apart of the fashion world since a very young age. Her thirst for knowledge and eye for design kept her busy designing and creating fashion forward pieces her entire life. From clothes to home décor and even men and women accessories, Haley Findlay has always been passionate about design and creative development.

Haley Findlay received a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality with a concentration in Event Management from UNLV. Her degree is the reasons why event planning is an extremely important component at FINZAK.

At the age of only 23, not only has Haley been creating an impact in the local Las Vegas Community. Through the development of several different awareness movements and events that help other artists, musicians, and designers receive exposure, Haley also volunteers her time in assisting with the Alzheimer’s Association and Aspergers Training, Employment, and Life Skills. Lastly, Haley is an active member in the Junior League of Las Vegas.

Why men’s fashion and not women’s?

“Honestly, I never thought I would be an owner and designer in a men’s fashion business. Growing up, I always wanted to design clothes for women; specifically, couture dresses for myself. It wasn’t until I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada that I began to take notice of the way businessmen dressed. I find men’s fashion absolutely intriguing and far more interesting than women’s fashion. Several accessories are utilized to complete a ‘look’ and every piece of clothing is extremely detailed. I see men’s fashion as a way for me to exude my artistic expression.” – Haley Findlay



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